This play of colour, brushstroke- and there is, in my work, a strong sense of play and contingency of the give and take that comes from one painterly decision opening up possible next moves and foreclosing others. That result from my improvisatory process driven method of painting is counterbalanced by the grids, a constant presence in my artworks. I do not start with the grids; it develops through an intuitive process of mark-making. Everytime I make a move, applies a block of color, or scrapes it down again, a matrix surface on the canvases; yet when I try to pin it down, to trace its horizontals and verticals, to see it as a form in and of itself, it disappears and all we can see are those marks, the blocks, scrapings and slidings of colour anyway. A real freedom and explosion of my senses.


Acrylic on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen. 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Oil and acrylic on linen - 31,4x31,4 in.(80x80 cm.)


Acrylic on Linen, 47x47 in.(120 x120 cm.)


Acrylic on linen - 32x46 in.(81x116 cm.)

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